Kubernetes 1.7.1 版本发布

Kubernetes 1.7.1版本发布,相对 1.7 版本以来,1.7.1 版本修复了COS图像在GCI / GKE上挂载NFS或glusterFS卷问题(#42376),kubeadm init和kubeadm join添加了新的标示(#48594)(#48538),等共计8项的更新。

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Kubernetes 1.7.1版本更新日志:

  • Added new flag to kubeadm init: –node-name, that lets you specify the name of the Node object that will be created (#48594, @GheRivero)
  • Added new flag to kubeadm join: –node-name, that lets you specify the name of the Node object that’s gonna be created (#48538, @GheRivero)
  • Fixes issue where you could not mount NFS or glusterFS volumes using hostnames on GCI/GKE with COS images. (#42376, @jingxu97)
  • Reduce amount of noise in Stackdriver Logging, generated by the event-exporter component in the fluentd-gcp addon. (#48712, @crassirostris)
  • Add generic NoSchedule toleration to fluentd in gcp config. (#48182, @gmarek)
  • RBAC role and role-binding reconciliation now ensures namespaces exist when reconciling on startup. (#48480, @liggitt)
  • Support NoSchedule taints correctly in DaemonSet controller. (#48189, @mikedanese)
  • kubeadm: Expose only the cluster-info ConfigMap in the kube-public ns (#48050, @luxas)

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