Kubernetes 1.7.2 版本发布

Kubernetes 1.7.2 版本发布了,该版本从1.7.1版本以来有15处修改,其中修复一个Pod BUG#48786, 下载k8s 1.7.2版本,查看 1.7 版本相关介绍

以下是 1.7.2版本更新内容:

  • Use port 20256 for node-problem-detector in standalone mode. (#49316@ajitak)
  • GCE Cloud Provider: New created LoadBalancer type Service will have health checks for nodes by default if all nodes have version >= v1.7.2. (#49330@MrHohn)
  • Azure PD (Managed/Blob) (#46360@khenidak)
  • Fix Pods using Portworx volumes getting stuck in ContainerCreating phase. (#48898@harsh-px)
  • kubeadm: Make kube-proxy tolerate the external cloud provider taint so that an external cloud provider can be easily used on top of kubeadm (#49017@luxas)
  • Fix pods failing to start when subPath is a dangling symlink from kubelet point of view, which can happen if it is running inside a container (#48555@redbaron)
  • Never prevent deletion of resources as part of namespace lifecycle (#48733@liggitt)
  • kubectl: Fix bug that showed terminated/evicted pods even without --show-all. (#48786@janetkuo)
  • Add a runtime warning about the kubeadm default token TTL changes. (#48838@mattmoyer)
  • Local storage teardown fix (#48402@ianchakeres)
  • Fix udp service blackhole problem when number of backends changes from 0 to non-0 (#48524@freehan)
  • hpa: Prevent scaling below MinReplicas if desiredReplicas is zero (#48997@johanneswuerbach)
  • kubeadm: Fix a bug where kubeadm join would wait 5 seconds without doing anything. Now kubeadm join executes the tasks immediately. (#48737@mattmoyer)
  • Fix a regression that broke the --config flag for kubeadm init. (#48915@mattmoyer)
  • Fix service controller crash loop when Service with GCP LoadBalancer uses static IP (#48848@nicksardo) (#48849@nicksardo)

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