Selling on Walmart Marketplace Successfully in 2022

how to get a product into walmart

In August 2016, Walmart Inc. acquired the e-commerce Inc. for 3 billion USD. This makes it a big deal for sellers because their products can be highlighted on promotions. Considering the potential of online businesses, Walmart launched in the year 2000. The website was designed to offer a seamless and consistent customer experience – be it store or online. The Walmart Marketplace is a well-known e-commerce platform operated and owned by Walmart.

  • After you’re finished with the tax paperwork, select how you want to receive payment.
  • If you hear from anyone at Walmart, respond as quickly as possible.
  • In March 2020, Walmart announced a new partnership with Shopify, exposing international Shopify’s small business sellers to the promising Walmart Marketplace.
  • Live Better,” it’s no surprise that price matters when choosing a product to sell on
  • Green Dot Corporation is one of the originators of the prepaid debit card designed to serve unbanked and underbanked consumers.
  • Sellers see on average a 30% organic lift in conversion for items with a three-day delivery promise, according to Walmart data.

It’s crucial to ensure all your listings align with’s content and image guidelines. As a seller of many different products, Walmart has an extensive supply chain that consists of over 100,000 suppliers worldwide. Being a supplier for Walmart can be a profitable and unique relationship. Walmart will only charge you a referral fee when you make a sale—it has no monthly fees.

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Walmart’s ability to deliver in two days or less takes the standard to the next level. We value our relationship with Walmart Fulfillment Services and their ability to deliver within 2 days, creating a positive experience to a large customer base. Leverage WFS to store inventory, ship orders, and manage returns. The best page builder PageFly offers solutions of both visual and functional values that cater to every kind of business need online. For the look, The Shopify Theme Store includes more than 100 free and premium themes that are professionally predefined for your online store. Setting up a dashboard is easy, yet it’s all the more important to fit it into your business management process. Walmart already has an established customer base and its eCommerce sales are also rapidly growing with each passing year.

Your username will be auto-filled based on the information you provided in your application. That’s true for many categories, including apparel, beauty products and home & garden.

Follow Walmart’s Terms of Service

3P sellers were given another option in February 2020, when Walmart Fulfillment Services launched. The Walmart Marketplace continues its growth—and you can be part of it. If you meet the high standards of entry, you should look to apply. Once your account is approved to start selling, you’ll enjoy increased orders and seller fees that are predictable, with no hidden costs.

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Walmart weds data strengths to popular apps like TikTok in latest advertising play.View Full Coverage on Google News

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If you think getting your product sold by Walmart would be a great boost for your business, follow this guide to get started. One of the main requirements to sell on Walmart US is to have a bank account and warehouse in the US, no matter what. If you want to discuss options such as virtual addresses, feel free to get in touch with us via Simply apply to be a seller on with the marketplace application form. Once approved, sign the Contract, complete the Registration and Partner Profile, Setup Items and you are ready to GO LIVE on Usually, they prioritize the sellers who integrate and provide full-service solutions. Since Walmart is one of the world’s reputed and biggest retailers, it has built an incredible infrastructure in the online world.

How to choose a product to sell on

Selling successfully on the Walmart marketplace requires a proper understanding of your customers. This understanding of Walmart customers and knowledge of their… On the Launch Checklist, the first step is to complete the Registration. Registration involves Account Creation, Company Registration, and providing Shipping related information. If certain clauses in the Contract do not go with your business’s policies, take consultation first.

how to get a product into walmart

However, you could go with intelligent automation tools to help you with that. Of course, the most apparent difference between both platforms is Walmart’s steep entry barrier. This means that a seller has to be invited in order to sell on Walmart’s Marketplace. As far as Walmart’s Buy Box is considered, whoever sells the product for the lowest prices, comes on how to get a product into walmart the top position. In short, the higher the positive reviews and ratings, the higher will be your listing on the top results. When you are on the top results for a search query or keyword, the conversion rates are higher. They are more comfortable buying from a renowned and established name than getting it from any random e-commerce store or a new website.

Walmart Launches Top Search Trends Report for API Partners

Some common item variations include color, flavor, size, count, and shape. When two users that fall within the same hierarchical level make a content update, preference is given to the first update provided.

Why is Walmart slashing prices?

Walmart recently announced plans to slash prices on apparel items in an attempt to clear out excess inventory. The moves come as inflation takes center stage across the world. Walmart cited a shift in consumer patterns, as shoppers are focusing on buying food rather than clothes.

Selling on Walmart’s online marketplace is one of the easiest ways to popularize your products, as they boast an immense audience. The marketplace products appear in the search results of beside the other items on the platform.

Your hard work will pay off because the free shipping tag means you qualify to offer the type of shipping customers have come to expect. Walmart not only looks at a Walmart seller’s rating, but they also look at its product reviews. If your product is low quality, has poor reviews, or ranks low in its product category, you will have a problem securing a spot on Walmart Marketplace. You will get an immediate response regarding the status of your application. You can check it as many times as you would like to while you are waiting to hear back from

The Supply Side: Bentonville-based Dandymen lands on Walmart shelves –

The Supply Side: Bentonville-based Dandymen lands on Walmart shelves.

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Ensure your products match the descriptions, and don’t send out defective items. You can also offer Expedited or Next Day Delivery, but these orders must arrive quicker than the cheaper shipping options—or you might need to reimburse shipping.


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