8 Best Trucking Dispatch Software Solutions

For 3 years we took part in the development of a web project and mobile applications for MeinFernbus. Uber-like mobile applications for cargo owners and freight operators. ProTransport software is simple and easy-to-use due to its color-coded interface and intuitive dashboard. All the fleet operations are combined in a single system, and it allows quick performance measuring and taking strategic decisions based on the results. Tim worked as a tax professional for BKD, LLP before returning to school and receiving his Ph.D. from Penn State. He then taught tax and accounting to undergraduate and graduate students as an assistant professor at both the University of Nebraska-Omaha and Mississippi State University.

logistics software for trucking

We spend hours every week on manual ticket entry and reconciling pounds of paper tickets. We’ll increase revenue by 40% with TruckIT’s digital ticketing and TicPic technology. For smaller fleets, owner/operators can quickly decide if they can take on more work. Dispatch Solution, Dispatchers can manage larger fleets much more efficiently and effectively. Quotations Generate and send quotations using automatically generated rates for any transportation mode. Keep track of quotation status and convert quote in an actual operation.

Tired of keeping track of maintenance services with a pen and paper? For a limited time, try FleetSoft for free and put your best fleet forward! FleetSoft can be used by anyone in your fleet, from fleet managers to drivers, because it has an unlimited user limit. Put your best fleet forward with dependable, efficient, and easy to use fleet maintenance software. With unlimited users, anyone in your fleet can use FleetSoft from Fleet Managers to Drivers. Rhino Fleet Tracking is a cloud-based fleet tracking solution accessible via desktop computers and mobile devices.

The demand for delivery services is continuously growing, and customer expectations are higher than ever before At every level, the competition in the shipping, transportation, and logistics industry is… An innovative portal that allows members to manage their documents and interact with the marine community The software solution records and analyzes a sea service by time in rank, time with company and time on a vessel… We could continue listing the features of our software and we’re sure you’d be impressed with what you read. But the best way for you to get a feel for our system is to try it for yourself.

Drag & Drop Transportation Dispatching Software

Automate specialized supply chain services like heavy haul and lift and place. Process detailed shipment documentation, append BOL’s with specific project related documentation and reconcile to project critical paths with managed milestones in an intuitive, simple, and powerful dashboard. Our project forwarding module flexible and can be tailored to your unique business process. Carriers enjoy the benefits of a streamlined, end-to-end workflow with our Silver TMS Express platform package bringing together dispatch, accounting, and fleet management in ONE system. The Silver bundle includes one technology partner integration, basic reporting features and technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

ITS Dispatch is a web-based software affiliate under the popular load board, TruckStop.com. This trucking dispatch software integrates with QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Online. Customers can easily add software modules, including file storage, IFTA reporting, and more. When you need to handle accounting, dispatch, maintenance, document management, and IFTA reporting, TruckingOffice is for you. TruckingOffice was made especially for small truckload and LTL fleets, owner-operators, and freight brokers. If you’re a multi-national courier, retailer, and distributor to on-demand delivery startups, Onfleet is right for you.

  • You should be able to set up your vehicle’s dimensions, specs , and toll preferences to get the most accurate, truck-friendly route.
  • After creating the route, there should be multiple exporting options, i.e., email, Excel, Garmin, Google Maps, or saving online.
  • Rhino Fleet Tracking is a cloud-based fleet tracking solution accessible via desktop computers and mobile devices.
  • Trucking software is a type of transportation management software that helps trucking companies manage their daily operations and increase efficiency by having all the business aspects integrated in one system.

The main goal of the dispatching feature in trucking software will be establishing a reliable way to dispatch your staff and ensure your customer’s orders are being fulfilled in a timely fashion. It guides drivers through every step of transportation process, including non-driving steps such as loading and unloading. App also supports field operations tasks such as lease assessment, geofencing, tank strapping, collection of flow meter data, and more. TollTagger is fully integrated with AXLE Hub to provide a unified field and backoffice workflow. Cloud-based provider of end-to-end TL, LTL, and parcel capabilities for omnichannel shippers, e-commerce companies, 3PLs, and freight brokers. The solution performs order management, freight planning, carrier rating, execution, and settlement from a single screen for easier management of complex shipping.

Driver Management System Assign dispatches, get updates, and track expenses. Load Board Search load boards, communicate, and finalize loads. Business Intelligence Make informed decisions based on detailed business reporting. Integrations Improve operational efficiency and reduce data entry.

Silver Bullet completes integration with Airlines for FWB, FSU, FHL and FMA messages with Traxon/Champ Cargosystem GmbH. Silver Bullet Software suite now integrated with Dynamics AX 2012 R2. Silver Bullet Software suite now integrated with Dynamics AX 2012 R3.

They serve customers across diverse sizes and industries, from transportation and logistics to field services, food production, energy, construction, local governments, and manufacturing. Whatever the case is, managers will often operate trucking dispatch software via a desktop dashboard, while drivers and employees are provided with a mobile app. Trucking software provides a unified way to manage dispatch records, track your drivers, pay invoices, and monitor interstate fuel tax agreement reports. Trucking software can be used by single owner/operators, or by a company managing a fleet of drivers or carriers. The suite is comprised of a cloud-based product called AXLE Hub and a mobile app called TollTagger. Our products are fully integrated and work together to pass data in real-time.

A transport management system is software that helps logistics businesses optimize the flow of goods from suppliers to… Create and manage a cohesive TMS under one roof, whether you run a freight or trucking company. With FleetRunnr, take advantage of features such as multi-currency and equipment management. Create various shipping https://globalcloudteam.com/ types, and guarantee that your orders are never late. In 2006, Microsoft recognized Silver Bullet Technologies with their Pinnacle Award for outstanding achievement with a major forwarder. In 2011, Microsoft again recognized our company with a Customer Excellence Award for Innovation with a west coast customs exams site.

Truck And Logistics App Solution For Your Unique Idea

A trucking business can prevent these logistic challenges with the help of TruckingOffice. Our trucking software, integrated with our ELD, is the perfect solution to your logistic issues. Courier Software Courier Software helps Improved communication between client and service provider. Hands-on access to data relevant to delivery status Greater customer convenience through the carrier app. Linbis Logistics Software Online will help your company grow every part of the business with its complete suite of applications for each activity within the Logistics and Supply Chain industry. Companies of any size can benefit from Linbis Logistics Software and its design.

One of the key features that make this trucking software effective is its simplicity. As long as you have basic computer usage skills, you will be good to operate. It’s optimized for an end user who follows a guided prompt to achieve a target. The drop-down menus also make the integrated management system easy to operate.

Motive serves more than 120,000 businesses across industries, including trucking and logistics, construction, oil and gas, food and beverage, field service, agriculture, passenger transit, & delivery. Designed for high volume truckload, LTL, multimode and container shippers, UltraShipTMS is a modular cloud-based platform for end-to-end transportation logistics process automation. The enterprise level suite of tools is built upon the UltraShipTMS CORE which automates rating, routing, tendering, carrier management, track & trace and more. Available solution modules include the LoadFusion Transportation Optimizer, a Freight Payment and Audit solution, YMS, Fleet Management tools, a and dock door scheduling module. Do you dislike having to look up or search for your vehicle’s service history records?


Industries like trucking, freight brokerage, third-party logistics, and shipper companies. Whether you are an owner/operator or manage a large fleet, dispatching can have a direct and significant impact on your efficiency, profits, and customer service. For instance, inept dispatchers can cause unnecessary fuel costs, increased driver fatigue, and disgruntled customers who switch to another company. On the other hand, organized and effective dispatching improves all aspects of delivering goods on time, which means happy customers and increased revenues. A complete trucking software system for small to medium-sized fleets.

logistics software for trucking

Maintenance Shops Streamline third-party maintenance provider orders, approvals and billing. Asset Assignments Assign vehicles and equipment to drivers and operators. This is the more traditional model and is most common with on-premise applications and with larger businesses. McLeod Software offers the broadest set of capabilities in the fastest, most effective brokerage solution on the market. Let’s talk about how your product can solve the business needs of our visitors. Chorus Logistics has taken our business from the stone ages into the new age of technology.

What Is A Logistics Software?

To address the second core complaint from users, IT and Management about existing systems being too difficult and costly to customize, we decided to design our software framework to be as flexible as possible. This allows our customers to quickly implement customizations that remain compatible with future software updates from Silver Bullet. This means customers can continuously improve their Silver Bullet solution over time while maintaining simplicity in their tech ecosystem.

logistics software for trucking

We offer top features like Miles Calculation, Mapping and Directions, Carrier Due Diligence and Electronic Document Management. Furthermore if you need a custom feature we can do that too, often for no additional charge. The Silver Bullet Technologies logistics software suite can integrate with any Tier 1 ERP. As a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner, our integration with Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions is especially robust.

Today, our customers are able to right size their logistics systems using only the functionality they require. This allows companies to reduce the number of software vendors they contract with, the number of integrations they must maintain and the total cost of their technology solutions. Overall, there’s no single accounting or trucking management software that can cover all the various needs of truck drivers and fleet managers.

Everything You Need To Know About Supply Chain Management Software

Simultaneously, the vehicles can get navigation and route adjustments in-vehicle for drivers not to get lost. Linxio a GPS Tracking and fleet management software provider with an international presence that specialises in GPS vehicle tracking, asset and team management solutions. Our focus is on optimising vehicle fleets and workflows to help our customers reduce costs and increase revenue. Some of the main features that sets Linxio apart from the competition is offering a complete end to end solution that can revolutionise the way you do business, utilising the latest in 4G LTE technology. Buyers of trucking dispatching software can usually be broken down into three categories. Private fleets don’t outsource their transportation and require solutions specifically for fleet management purposes.

Best Trucking Dispatch Software Solutions

Like any sole proprietor, they are on the hook for managing every aspect of their business, from closing deals, working through orders, and managing their finances. The modern world has witnessed a significant reliance on portable technology Most people nowadays prefer to Logistics and Transportation Software Solutions choose their mobile devices or tablets for their work processes Mobiles are also becoming more and more capable… Rick is the co-founder and CEO of InTek Freight & Logistics, a company focused on being the place where companies come when faced with a logistics problem.

Transportation Erp Software

Fuel management is related to controlling fuel consumption and fuel costs. Effective fuel management can reduce expenses by analyzing fuel usage and implementing fuel-efficient strategies. Software helps dispatchers and drivers adhere to DOT rules by sending alerts and notifications about required maintenance, medical exams, and license updates; filing inspection reports; sending in driver’s logs; and more. In case their compliance information wasn’t updated for any reason, the system just won’t let the dispatcher assign such a driver to a load.

A larger fleet of trucks and a desire for a more complete unified system for complex operations means transportation ERP software could be a better fit. Create invoices for commodities as well as transport charges, track inventory, and improve margins via integration with pricing services such as OPIS and DTN. Unit costing is made easy since the software can categorize the billing based on various variables like the rate per mile, per hour billing, days taken, fuel per tractor, and many more. The other outstanding feature of this software is its capability of being integrated with QuickBooks and SAGE.

Customers who are truckload/LTL carriers, oilfield, auto, livestock, and heavy-load haulers can benefit from Axon Trucking Software. Since 1982, Axon has made accounting, dispatch, maintenance, transportation management, fleet maintenance, ticket software, and IFTA reporting a smooth transaction. Stay connected with all your employees through a mobile app as well. Linbis is an online freight management software that is essential for consolidators, freight forwarders, forwarding agents, NVOCCs, couriers, airlines, third party logistics providers, ocean carriers and trucking companies.

Assigning drivers is about creating the most efficient schedule with deadheads minimized, making sure all the drivers are busy, their preferences considered, as well as their equipment type and available hours of service . That’s a Herculean task if you try to do it manually, especially with all kinds of disruptions and changes happening daily. AConvey study shows that 84 percent of customers are unlikely to return to a brand after only one poor delivery experience. Dispatchers are the ones whose job is to ensure that everything in the delivery process goes smoothly.


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